Our Process

Stage 1: Initial Consultation

Upon receiving your inquiry, a Specification Consultant will contact you to discuss your requirements, needs, and budget considerations.

Our goal

By the end of this stage, our goal is to formulate a tailored solution and provide guidance on cost and budget.

Stage 2: On-Site Consultation / Home Visit

With your requirements identified, our Specification Consultant will visit your home to finalise the design and other details. This includes discussing specifics such as frame material, colour, glass specifications, handle colour and installation location. They will discuss and tailor payment options that will fit your budget.

Our goal 

To equip you with the knowledge and understanding of your new windows and doors.

Stage 3: Order Processing

Upon accepting our quotation, a Technical Surveyor will conduct a detailed technical manufacturing survey at your home, confirming your choices and reviewing the Technical Survey Report (TSR) with you.

Our goal
To provide you with peace of mind for your upcoming installation by eliminating any ambiguity in the contract, ensuring clear communication, and avoiding surprises during the completion of the installation.

Stage 4: Project Coordination

Your assigned Project Coordinator will initiate contact, serving as your exclusive point of communication throughout the project. They will provide you with an installation date and guide you through the entire installation process.

Our goal

To alleviate any stress associated with home renovations by ensuring seamless coordination and communication during the project.

Stage 5: Installation Day

Upon arrival, our Installation Team will introduce themselves, review the work program, and lay dust sheets in work areas. The team will efficiently remove and environmentally dispose of old windows and doors, ensuring secure installations of new products on the same day.

On the final day, the Lead Installer will conduct a project walkthrough, demonstrating the operation of your high-security locking systems and providing you with complimentary cleaning products. This is when the final payment is due. If paying by EFT, please provide a copy of the remittance.

Our goal

To achieve professional, high quality and fuss free installation.

Stage 6: Aftercare

Following project completion, you will receive your official 10-Year Guarantee and Maintenance Handbook. Your Project Coordinator will contact you to check in and request for feedback with our end-to-end service. They will further provide you with contact details for any potential issues with your windows or doors.

Our goal

To deliver industry leading aftercare service.